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Fightstar are together since 2003. Band members Dan Haigh (bass) and Alex Westaway (guitar, vocals) met at school, where they played in bands
together before going their separate ways. Dan played in various other bands (Blind Oppression, Infliction, 4 Day Week) before moving on to video
game design where he was responsible for Quake 2 'Oblivion' and Quake 3 'Revolution'. He also directed Fightstar’s videos. Alex was in various
bands before moving to France, where he met Dan again. When he returned to London to concentrate on song writing, Alex' sister moved in with
Camilla Smith, Charlie's girlfriend and cos of that Alex met Charlie. The two found they were kindred spirits, so calls were put into Dan and another
old friend, drummer Omar Abidi – and Fightstar was born! In December 2003 they had their first gig. And now they've toured with Taking Back
Sunday, Armor For Sleep, Brigade and Laruso!! Fightstar are also Funeral For A Friend's support act in Japan!

CHARLIE Robert  SIMPSON - guitar + vocals
Charlie is 21 yrs old from ipswich in suffolk and was the main band member of busted ,Which he split from in january 2005.
He loves Nirvana and the deftones and sees kurt cobian to be an idol of his .Even signing his seat outside where he died.
ALEX WESTAWAY-guitar + vocals
Alex is 22 yrs old from Northampton . He moved to London to focus on his music career ,when he met Charlie at a party.
Dan is 23 yrs old from Grimbsy ,Dan has had previous expieriences in bands before moving into game designing .
Also went to school with Alex.
Omar is 22 he was born and raised in London a very old friend of Alex which came in handy for him when the lads needed a drummer.

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